advanced risk management solutions

Available Modules

Each of these modules work together to provide your risk management team clarity and confidence in values. This leads to more control over risk, lower insurance premiums, and efficiency to focus on other areas of risk in the company.


  • Allocate ANY expense down to any organization level
  • Manage variables real-time
  • Model billing and expense scenarios
  • Powerful budgeting tool
  • Score & weigh locations based on any criteria

Document Management

  • Communicate accurately & securely to markets/outside vendors
  • Track changes
  • Record activity
  • Auto-Alerts on all changes on several frequencies
  • Any number of folders or levels

Property Management

  • Data accuracy
  • GPS geo-coding
  • Any org structure
  • Any number of addresses
  • Any number of organizations (orgs)
  • Modification tracking of ALL DATA POINTS (attributes)
  • Point-in-time reporting capability

Property Loss Control

  • Manage engineering inspection schedule
  • Store & track recommendations
  • Dynamic and criteria based scheduling
  • Real-Time status reporting

Natural Catastrophe

  • Web based drag & drop selection tool
  • Google Earth integrated
  • Graphical data mining
  • Graphical report selection & saving


  • Ad-Hoc & dynamic selection criteria for all attributes (data points)
  • Multiple output formats
  • Any number of custom templates available
  • Schedule reports
  • Email reports on schedules
  • Publish “public” criteria for group use


  • Any number of surveys
  • Top down delegation
  • Simple stepped process
  • Accountability reports
  • Complete collection