advanced risk management solutions

Business Intelligence Specialized for Risk Management

Business Intelligence (BI)

The knowledge, skills, information and technologies to allow companies to make better business decisions. BI systems traditionally provide historical, current data, and a predictive view of business operations.

Risk Management (RM)

The structured approach to manage threats and uncertainty. Assessment, strategy development and mitigation planning using various resources are all crucial components to a successful Risk Management System.

Rennroc Business Intelligence: Risk Management System (BI:RM)

A balanced information management system that focuses on the interaction between BI & RM components. By providing powerful focused components, the (BI:RM) system the merges power and flexibility of a generic BI system with the focused requirements of a dynamic RM system. The combined result is a system that takes companies on an information journey that not only provides informed planning and decisions but saves money in all stages of the process.

The “Spreadsheet Overload” Problem
Tired of trying to make business decisions from hundreds of disconnected and unconfirmed spreadsheets? Companies often get trapped into the misuse of spreadsheets to track, store and support business decisions. This misuse leads to information integrity and data source concerns that can have a major impact on the information analysis.

Common Spreadsheet Maladies


Data Sources


Inconsistent Availability and Consistency

Lack of Company Control

Integrity of the Information

Poor Collaborative Planning & Sharing
across an Organization

Inability to Execute Repetitive Analysis
Various Sheets in various locations

Where did the data come from?

Who owns the update of the data?

How can information be refreshed?
No centralized database

Data needs to be confined to well protected servers

Loss or Corruption of Data

Harness the Information Power Stages

Assemble Access Share Store

The Rennroc solution provides powerful Business Intelligence with the implementation of Software as a Service (SaaS), supporting the Information Power Stages and Dynamic Scalability & Growth Potential.